Exploring the BBC

Today, we had the incredible honor of touring the British Broadcasting Company (BBC). I had only witnessed media production in student-run groups, so exploring the ins and outs of a 30-thousand person corporation was quite the experience.

The BBC is interesting because it is commercial-free programming. The BBC is prided on being the least biased, credible news corporation in the UK (and probably world).

Some BBC employees said that the company let them swap around and work in different areas of the company, which I thought was neat. I’m interested in a lot of areas of media, so I like that you’re not limited once you get in the field.

I especially loved touring the Radio 1 studio and the Live Lounge! Music is what keeps me going, and it was such a surreal experience to stand where many great artists had performed.

We were also invited to attend a live taping of the One Show. Sound is important for TV, so the producer told us to really exaggerate our laughter, even if we didn’t find so,è thing particularly funny. I think that’s a bit inauthentic, but they’ll do anything for showbiz.

Touring the Radio 4 room!

The BBC is HUGE. This is the view from about the 7th floor.

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