Wesminster Abbey

Things to know about Westminster Abbey:

  • It’s beautiful and is home to the final resting place of many influential people.
  • They offer student discounts!
  • They don’t accept Discover (like many places in the US and UK), so make sure you have cash on you if you go.

The church doesn’t allow photography inside so I couldn’t take any photos but rest assured, it’s breathtaking.

I went to Westminster Abbey because some of my friends wanted to go, and churches are really beautiful, so I decided to tag along. I’m really glad I did.

A lot of prominent figures in British history are buried here, which is a bit strange to me, but I guess it’s important for historical value.

When we first arrived in London, I went on a London Alive death tour hosted by the history class professor, where we learned that the only way for everyday people to be buried in Westminster Abbey is for them to die there. It’s become a running joke in BSP that if any of us were to get hit by a bus, we should take the person to Westminster Abbey so they could be buried in the church.

Westminster Abbey also still offers church services that the public can attend. I haven’t attended any, but some of my friends have, and they highly praised the choir.

It’s quite surreal being in all of these historical places. It’s crazy to think that you’re literally in the final resting place of Mary Queen of Scots. Everywhere you go in London, you’ll find it’s full of history, which is what I love about Europe.


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