Journalists’ rights are human rights

I started off my morning with a visit from Roosterpunk, which is a marketing agency aimed towards humanizing brands. They value storytelling and creating a better world; I’m a fan.

Their website states that they, “see profit as a result of doing business well, and not the purpose of business itself.” Our speaker said that we won’t much like people if they behaved like corporations, and they want to revolutionize corporate social responsibility. I appreciate this mindset and hope it catches on with the US market.

After Roosterpunk, we visited the Media Legal Defence Initiative (MLDI), which is an incredible nonprofit that helps persecuted journalists with their legal cases. I have a friend from Turkey, and she tells me about how their journalists are constantly being jailed and treated horribly. Last year, MLDI supported 70 cases in Turkey, which is absolutely amazing.

Journalists’ rights are human rights, and I (as a human rights minor), appreciate all of the activists, lawyers and nonprofits that dedicate their lives to fighting for the greater good.

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