Covent Garden

I know I say a lot of places in London are my favorite, but I really love Covent Garden.

We had a break in-between class one day, so Hannah suggested we visit Covent Garden. A few of us hopped on the nearest tube to go have an adventure and had a blast.

Covent Garden is so beautiful. It’s full of cute locally-owned shops (we even found an old-timey toy store!), and lots of places to eat.

Pictured: me with some beautiful flowers!

My favorite book and movie is “Gone Girl”, and in it, they mention Punch and Judy dolls. Jack and I were ecstatic when we saw this pub!  I still want to eat there.

Apparently, pubs were named things like “The White Lion” because in the old days, literacy rates were low and people couldn’t read the storefronts. To combat this, pubs would put up logos of a white lion and easily recognizable things, so even if you couldn’t read, you would see a white lion and know that was the correct pub you were supposed to meet at. Isn’t that neat?

Recap: if you like locally owned shops, flowers, good food, or walking around exploring the city, I’d definitely recommend visiting Covent Garden. It’s incredible, fun and makes for a great day out!


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