TalkSport and Parliament

Today, we had a guided tour of TalkSport, which is the only sports-centered radio station in the UK. This differs from the US, as we have many sports-centered radio stations.

We primarily discussed the World Cup, as it is currently ongoing.

I learned that football/soccer players in the UK are of celebrity status; they’re among the top-payed people in the UK. They complete school around the age of 16 to focus on the sport full-time, which I found interesting because sportsmanship is such a temporary thing.

A live show recording.

I also learned that radio shows have built-in delays, in case something goes wrong or someone says something they shouldn’t have.

We then went to the Houses of Parliament, my favorite building in all of London.

We spoke with MP Charles Walker, who oddly enough was educated at the University of Oregon. We talked about protests in the UK, the NHS and knife violence. MP Walker said that the way to stop the knife crisis in London is to put at-risk children in a safer environment and give them stability.

There are lots of stained-glass windows in Parliament.

Parliament is so interesting because it’s quite different from the American Congress/Senate.

We also talked about Brexit, and what the process has looked like governmentally.

I think that reporting on Brexit is interesting because it’s so complicated but it needs to be simplified for the public, which is quite a task.


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