Museum of London, British library, PRCA

Today was an exciting day.

We went to the Museum of London and learned about London’s history. The had an exhibit about the suffragettes, which was neat. Catherine Mayer recommended visiting that specific exhibit, so I was looking forward to it.

This is my favorite. It’s “a visible representation of the invisible world around us – the world of social media interactions.”

This piece shows tweets from Londoners to showcase the digital world. As a media student, I’m a fan. It really makes you think about the world of digital communications and what we choose to share online.

The suffragette exhibit!

What a headline. What a moment in time.

Aside from my dedication to feminism, I really enjoyed the British Museum.

Continuing this trend, we went to the British Library, where I got to see manuscripts from Sylvia Path, who I learned who often rework her poems, crossing out lines and adding to them. This is reflective of her tone – anxious, stressed.

I also got to see compositions from Beethoven and the Magna Carta. Britain is so historical, it’s unbelievable.

We then went to speak with Nicholas Dunne of PRCA, a regulatory body for PR professionals. The UK has regulations for all aspects of media, and PR is no exception.

Interestingly enough, he spoke about the gender pay gap and inequality in the UK PR field.

While PR is a female-dominated field, executive positions generally go to males.

Dunne also spoke of the “pink pound,” which is when corporations try to appeal to the LGBT community because of their market value, and not because they genuinely care about these issues.


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