Media Law and Local Storytelling

One of the main differences between UK and US journalism is free speech. The United Kingdom has regulatory bodies that affect the way media is produced, whereas the primary thing US reporters have to worry about is defamation.

Today we visited Schillings Law firm to discuss this very idea.

Those in the UK can choose to have their claims settled by the court, or they can take their complaints to IPSO, I learned.

Schillings Law also does preemptive work in cybersecurity, and they also only defend cases that regard the public interest. They say that public interest is different from what interests the public.

We then went to NewsQuest to learn about local news reporting, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Every time we visit a news outlet, I’m reminded of why I love journalism.

NewsQuest focuses on reporting local news, which I think is important in cities as big as London because local news can often be disregarded. Everyone deserves the right to have their story be told, regardless of location.

Visiting NewsQuest made me realize just how interesting local news really is. Journalists often aspire to work for national outlets like the BBC and The Guardian because of the opportunity to work on high-profile stories, but local news is fun quirky and just as important.

Their journalists start out making £20k pounds, rather than the industry-norm of £16k, but I’m still not sure how they afford to live here, especially with the housing crisis.

They are also a web-first corporation, which says a lot about where the journalism industry is headed.


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