The O2 and British Media

The O2 is such a strange corporation.

They are a cell phone company (that offers free WiFi, for which I am grateful), but they also have ties to the media. They even hold an awards ceremony for the media. Wild.

The O2 is a sponsor of Twickenham Stadium (which isn’t that strange, considering AT&T has its own stadium, as does Mercedes-Benz).

The O2 also has its own music performance venue, and it often sends out free music tickets to social media influencers (like my favorite London-based YouTuber, Lucy Moon).

The O2 arena.

The O2 also has their own music blog, furthermore pushing them into the media industry.

I think the O2 has become more of a lifestyle than a brand in the UK (sort of like McDonald’s in America, if you will).

The O2 is perhaps the most recognizable corporation in London and I’m not sure if there’s a US equivalent to it (at least in the media industry).

It’s like how in the Pixar movie “Wall-E” everything is run by “Buy N Large”. That’s how I feel about the O2.

They certainly know how to use social media marketing and PR. They’re at the forefront of British media.


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