CNN and Threepipe marketing

We started out our week with a visit to CNN London, where we discussed news gathering with Senior News Editor, Richard Greene.

We discussed putting together news for CNN London and how that differs from CNN International. People like their news to be localized, so sometimes it can become a bit challenging to determine what news takes precedent as the top story.

We also got to take a peek into the newsroom, where we learned about the layout of the room and how that relates to production.

I think it’s interesting how all these major corporations have people employed from all around the world. If you need someone to do an interview in German, that can be arranged. How cool.

We ended our day with a visit to Threepipe digital marketing agency, where we spoke with Jim Hawker, who is a founding member of the agency.

Threepipe was interesting because they place an importance on SEO and analytics, but I’ve always been taught that storytelling should be the most important. That’s why PR is put in with the school of journalism and not in business.

All-around, seeing all the different sides of British media was quite interesting. It’s strange to see how things differ from country to country, even though we’re all doing the same job.


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