Is the UK more political than the US?

A stereotype that some UK citizens have of Americans is that we are not politically active.

Protests are ever-present throughout the streets of London. Within the first week of arrival, I noticed people outside of a tube station protesting knife violence in London.

We have protests in the US, though. We had the March for Our Lives, and numerous protests for social justice movements like Black Lives Matter after incidents with police violence.

The major difference that I’ve noticed is that brands in the UK are unafraid to make a political statement about local issues.

Lush, a London based brand, led a campaign about undercover cops spying on citizens. They currently have posters in their storefront discussing the event and are handing out petition cards for customers to sign and mail to the Home Secretary. This originated in their Oxford Street location.

This is the main difference between US and UK activism. In the states, most brands are afraid to alienate their customers on basis of political beliefs. Here, Lush is making a political statement right on their doorstep.

The people of Britain are empowered, and brands are unafraid to take a stand against local issues.


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