Wedgwood Ceramics

Storytelling isn’t just through words; it can also be a personal experience.

Today, we visited the Museum of Wedgwood. A visual timeline, the museum takes you back in time and explores the history of ceramic making.

Josiah Wedgwood is “the world’s most famous potter,” according to the museum, and has supplied pottery to millions. His legacy is continued today, as the company is still in business and is thriving.

Instead of writing about Wedgwood’s story, the museum displays it firsthand for visitors to see. You can firsthand explore the history of ceramic making, learning how it started and has evolved throughout the years.

Journalism isn’t always a written experience; sometimes it’s shown.

Histories can be documented in various ways, and seeing history documented via the changes of pottery was quite the experience.

It may not be written media, but it’s still British media, and it’s quite an astounding experience.

Modern art!

Modern art!

The operation has been running for 250+ years. Crazy.

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