PR with Trevor Morris + Royal Gardens

Trevor Morris, professor of public relations, primarily spoke with us about the perception of PR and the people who practice it. He said that people generally grimace at you when you say you work in PR, but I’ve never had this experience. Generally, I have to explain to people what PR is.

In the UK, it seems people blame PR for the Brexit vote. Morris said this is also true of the US and the 2016 election.

Morris also said that PR is not to be blamed for good or bad situations, because PR is amoral. The companies the PR professional works for are to be blamed for their actions.

People like to call PR “propaganda,” but it’s all the same. A campaign is propaganda; people just don’t like to think they’re subject to persuasion.

We ended our day with a walking tour of all four Royal Parks, which was absolutely lovely. Britain is a living history, and it’s incredible to get to experience some of it.


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