Flag And The Guardian

There was a time when Apple was under scrutiny for having terrible working conditions for factory employees. Nike, like other companies, has been reported to use modern day slave labor to produce their apparel.

What do these corporations have in common?

They’re all represented by Flag, a corporate communications organization that focuses on sustainability.

They don’t only work with brands that one might deem problematic, but they are driven on reporting both the good and bad that companies do. They focus on compiling statistics on environmental impacts and working conditions of their clients into integrated annual reports.

I don’t think I would feel comfortable working at Flag, but it’s interesting to see how they report on these issues.


An Integrated Annual Report for Nike.

Speaking of reporting, we also visited The Guardian, a prominent UK based, left-wing paper.

The Guardian puts out 250 thousand papers per day, with Saturday being their highest grossing day. Their website has 10 million daily readers.

In this digital age, they focus on telling stories in lots of different ways across multiple platforms. Because of this, their social media team is split up into content groups. Different people are focused on promoting different things, like fashion or sports.

While The Guardian has different content reported for the UK, US, Australia and international, sometimes their UK news can be a bit London-centric, which seems to be a growing theme in British media.


Newspapers pinned up at The Guardian.

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