One of my favorite things about London is that it’s so diverse. The Evening Standard reports that there are over 100 languages being spoken in London. With the large population London has, you might expect that, but it’s still amazing.

You can walk into an Italian eatery and order your food in Italian. You can go up to a Patisserie and get authentic crêpes here. I love it.

While the US has people of many cultures, I find that people of the same culture are confined to the same areas. There’s a large Hispanic population in the south. My Turkish friend can only find authentic Turkish food in New Orleans. Here, it’s all intertwined. If you want to experience different cultures all at once, you need only head to Borough Market.

I also think that with the rise of hate crimes in America, it would be hard to openly display your culture.

My worldview is quite small; other parts of the US have higher levels of diversity, like San Francisco or New York. Coming from Mississippi, it’s nice to walk down the street and hear a language other than English being spoken.


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