London (and a lot of Europe, actually) is really eco-friendly.

McDonalds and Chik’n (my favorite fast food place in Marylebone) give you paper straws instead of plastic. Plastic is destroying the ocean and killing marine life, and straws play a critical role in this due to the high amount of usage rates.

There are recycling bins on a majority of the streets and businesses, and honestly, recycling has become second-nature to me now.

I find that being eco-friendly is prioritized here in the UK, whereas in the US, it’s not a main focus. It’s always in the back of your mind, but sustainability isn’t ingrained in your head like it is here.

Even media corporations like Flag focus on sustainability, even though they’re a communications agency.

In 2017, the US drew out of the Paris Climate Agreement, and President Trump frequently said that climate change is a hoax.

Environmentalism isn’t pushed to the forefront in the US. Even in big cities like New York and New Orleans, there’s not recycling bins readily available on the streets like there are here. It’s the little things like this that London does to increase sustainability that the US lacks.


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