Free Evening Standard

One of the major differences between UK and British media (in my opinion) is that London allows the Evening Standard to be distributed at tube stations.

If you walk by the Oxford Circus underground entrance, you’ll be bombarded by people trying to give you a free Evening Standard paper. (It’s kind of the same feeling around homecoming election time at school when people yell at you to vote for their candidate).

This brings up the age-old question of whether or not people should pay for their news, but it’s so interesting because, in America, you have to pay for your newspaper. Local news offers free readings online, but you have to pay to receive a physical paper.

The Evening Standard has also stirred up trouble, I learned during the mayor’s question time.

I think it’s interesting that the Evening Standard hands out papers for free, to begin with because I can’t imagine how they turn a profit. However, it appears to work, as I’ve noticed a lot of people on the tube reading it.

If the mayor deemed this inappropriate, I assume they would just move to another location, but I’m actually not sure about the result of this.


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