Love Island and British Media

“The Bachelor” may be ingrained in American culture, but it has nothing on the prevalence of “Love Island” in the UK.

As soon as I arrived in London, I immediately began to hear people discuss the latest episode of Love Island. There’s been coverage about it in the newspapers as well, which is different from American media. The newspapers at home aren’t really concerned with TV.

Love Island is such a staple in British culture that you’d think all the Brits knew the contestants personally.

I think this speaks volumes about British media.

Remember when I wrote about diversity in the UK and said that there were many different types of people living in London?

That’s not reflected in love Island. All but one of the contestants are white, and they only speak English, it would seem.

The show has been critiqued because of this, but it’s interesting how British media, while different, is really the same as American media.


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