Modes of Transportation Across London

I’m from Small Town, USA (aka Kiln, MS), so the only real way to get around is by car. We don’t have Uber where I live, so you have to be pretty self-reliant. I’ve always liked the idea of public transportation and being close enough to everything where you can walk.

London has quite a lot of different means of transportation. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if I saw someone skating around on a pair of Heely’s shoes at this point.

Londoners have cars, taxis, Uber and the tube. They can also take the red buses that make London famous. They can walk to places if near, and often, you will even find them riding a scooter, although that’s primarily children.

My favorite way of getting around is by the tube. It’s so well-organized and clean, unlike the subway in New York.


Here you can see people taking the bus, tube, and walking.

I’m not sure about other parts of the US, but public transportation really isn’t that common in the South. Granted, we don’t have anywhere as many people living in the South, but I’m still a fan of a good subway system.


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