Tate Modern

I didn’t expect to have a feminist awakening today, but that’s the great thing about London – you’re constantly surprised.

I went to Tate Modern today because they have a Picasso exhibit, and I really like his line drawings. (The collection didn’t include any, but I still had a nice time exploring his surrealist art).


Isn’t this cool? I’m a fan.

Modern art can be a bit foreign to me. It’s all up to the artist’s interpretation, and sometimes the point of the work is really ambiguous.

I didn’t go to all the exhibits, but the ones I did visit made complete sense, so I’m quite happy.

My favorite collections explored feminism (both in the art world and in media), media and technology, and how people interpret art.

I love this exhibition (if you can’t already tell). The Guerilla Girls are now my new favorite, and I love that Tate Modern has this included in their gallery.

I never really thought about the woman artist’s struggle, but it does make sense that this is a feminist issue because the only artists I have ever heard of are men.


Hear me out: I’ve thought about this a lot. I watched a Netflix Documentary called “Miss Represented” (featuring my favorite reporter, Karie Couric), which explores the intersection between feminism and media. The way women navigate the world of and are represented by mass media is so interesting.

This was one of my favorites! I think the idea that makeup is antifeminist is so interesting.

“A tower of radios playing at once addresses ideas of information overload and failed communications.”

This series explores the elite world of the rich, documented with the same style that photographers often use to document the poor – “an outdated version of the ‘concerned photographer’ but disguised as entertainment.”


“How does light affect our perception of colour?”

This was a really cool room. The lights changed while you stood back and looked at the painting, thinking about how your perceptions change as well as your emotional response to color.

Tate Modern was a nice place to ponder and self-reflect.



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