The World Cup

The US goes crazy for a few sporting events, like the World Series and the SuperBowl. However, the level of intensity felt at sporting events is nothing compared to watching a World Cup game in Europe.

Because of this, the media extensively covers the World Cup. TalkSport has reporters there to exclusively cover the event, and the latest win is documented on the front page of every newspaper.

With the SuperBowl, coverage will only last for a brief period of time. The only time it’s majorly documented is the day of and after the game. That’s not how it is in UK media; game coverage lasts for months.

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a World Cup game both in London and in a hostel in Paris. Europe does not play around with these games; the atmosphere is chaotic, and everyone is paying attention to the game. Since it’s such a staple to the culture, this has to be reflected in the media.

While I’m not a football/soccer fan, I thoroughly enjoy watching World Cup games in Europe because of the atmosphere, and I like reading about the latest win in the papers. It’s unlike any other, and I recommend experiencing it if you ever get the chance.


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