British Media Coverage of American Politics

As a media student, I like to pay attention to what news corporations report on. One thing I didn’t expect was the extensive coverage of President Trump in UK papers.

The only time I’ve ever heard about Theresa May was when she held the referendum, but that was only because I followed British YouTubers on Twitter and they posted about it.

I’m sure somewhere, there has been reportage of Theresa May in American papers, but it’s nowhere near as prominent as the UK’s coverage of Trump.

I think American media is quite American-centric, whereas UK media is more international. It makes sense, though, because the UK encompasses Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales, so they have to have more of a represented worldview. However, I think it’d be nice if UK papers reported on the major things Theresa May was doing, or at least cover Brexit. (Which the New York Times does do, thankfully).

I’m also not sure if Americans would read or care about UK political news, but I certainly think it’s important to have some basic coverage.

The Guardian has a whole section on Donald


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