Bye, London

Can you believe the month is over?

In the spirit of closure, here’s a goodbye letter of sorts to London.

I came here quite unaware of British media. All I knew is that they didn’t have the first amendment, but I was unsure of what that looked like in practice.

As I explored British media, I fell in love with journalism all over again.

Touring the BBC was one of the coolest things I’ll ever do (along with visiting Parliament, CNN London, and meeting Catherine Mayer).

I found myself more interested in both investigative reporting and political journalism.

I learned that regulations can be a good thing!

I learned that ending up in big news corporations is about one-third luck, one-third talent, and one-third persistence. I also learned the joy of working for a small news organization like NewsQuest and reporting local, quirky news.

I am so eternally grateful for this trip and for all the inspirational people I got to meet.

I learned a lot about myself and even explored some areas of UK life that I thought I wouldn’t (like visiting the doctor and political activism).

I am going to miss being around influential journalists everyday, but I’m excited to take what I have learned and pour it into my future journalism courses in Hattiesburg.

Thank you for following along on my journey.

Cheers! 🇬🇧


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