Imperialism to Humanitarianism: Commonwealth

David Grevemberg, CEO of Commonwealth House spoke to us about the imperialistic history of Commonwealth and what they are doing to reconcile.

I was delightfully surprised to learn about the human rights advocacy that Commonwealth does, and its quite a shock as the US is currently penalizing their players for protesting social justice inequalities. Quite the difference, it seems.

Commonwealth has been running games since 1930, making it the second oldest sports movement in the world. In fact, 1/3 of the world’s population are Commonwealth citizens. However, this is largely due to colonization and imperialism.

Because of this, Commonwealth is on a mission to help those they have wronged. They have established the Commonwealth charter, which lays out their duty to uphold peace, prosperity and the governance of human rights.

Commonwealth is politically active, and they have partnered with the UN to promote human rights.

In Glasgow, they partnered with UNICEF in 2014 in order to help unify the people of Scotland.

This is exactly how people can use communications to make a difference. They’re talking to people, hearing their stories and their interpretations of Commonwealth, and using that information to help Commonwealth change for the better. I’m such a fan. I’m always a fan of humanitarianism and political activism, but I never thought I’d see that intertwined with a sports federation.

The goals of Commonwealth.

Here, you can see the priorities of Commonwealth.


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