City University, UK Papers, frontline club summit

We started the day off with a lecture from Time Felle of City University. He discussed the history of journalism in the UK, which as you can imagine, was quite extensive.

I learned that in the 1800’s, the popular press became the British version of tabloid journalism and “fake news”.

I also learned that The Guardian is the only UK paper to have won a Pulitzer Prize (it was for their story about Snowden).

We then had a hands-on review of UK papers with Dr. Davies. This was interesting because I learned that everything about newspapers are geared to their target market. The Financial Times costs £2.50, whereas The Sun cost £.50. Tabloids are cheap and posh business papers are expensive to reflect the target market.

Even the page layout matters – The Sun is messy and unorganised to reflect tabloid journalism and the Evening Standard is a bit cleaner and pleasing to the eye.

We also talked about the media revolution, which is really affecting the business model of the industry. Papers make profit from ads, but this is falling due to the rise of the internet.

We then went to an UK/North Korea nuclear summit panel discussion, presented by the Frontline Club, which I would describe as something like ORSA for journalists.

Panelist’s included North Korean refugee Jihuyn

The panelist’s said that while Kim Jong-Un is a consistent leader who thinks about long-term goals, Trump is ill-prepared and just wants to be praised.

I’ve noticed that the Brits spend a lot of time discussing Trump, but in America, we don’t ever hear about Theresa May.


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